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Ariadne: The purification and the rebirth of nature

The trip includes trekking in Youchtas mountain, in landscapes around Knossos and its harbors, as well as visiting the isle of Dia with a sailing boat. Areas that comprise the Mediterranean trilogy of the Minoan goddess’ myth, the: mountain, sea and island.


Archaeological-Mythological, guided by an Archaeologist

The princess at Knossos was well aware of what the future would bring her. She had fallen madly in love with an Athenian prince, Theseus, and had offered him her help to escape from the palace labyrinth. The two lovers left the sandy beaches of Crete and made their first stop on the island of Dia. That was where Theseus abandoned her. However, Theseus’ departure meant that she could take on another lover, Dionysos, the god of wine.

Over the centuries, the same incident has been enacted on the sea stretch between Knossos and the isle of Dia. Every spring, the inhabitants cross the water to celebrate the union of their chaste goddess with the fertile god Dionysos.

Provisional programme

1st day: Trekking in the Minoan path of Youhtas mountain, visits in the surroundings of Knossos Palace as well as at Knossos' ancient ports that are located along the coast of Heraklion agglomeration.

2nd day: Sailing from the port of Heraklion to the isle of Dia, trekking in the mythical gorge of Dia, swimming in the deep blue waters of the main bay of Dia isle.

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Ariadne: The purification and the rebirth of nature


Hiking, Water Element, Guided Trips/Tours
Hiking,Excursions by boat,History/Archaeology
Mythology, Minoan civilization, Cretan Beaches, Nature, Sea
Heraklion & Dia isle, Heraklio
Greek, English, Russian

Prices & Rates (per person/per group)

Indicative Price (Total)
€360 per person
Indicative Price (Daily)
€180 per person

9-12 persons: €215
6-8 persons:   €255
4-5 persons:   €360
2-3 persons:   €570

Minimum No. of persons
Maximum No. of persons

Difficulty Level & Required Equipment

Difficulty Level
2 (Easy)
Difficulty Level Notes

Level of difficulty / Risk factor: 2Β – Χ**/Μ**

Personal Equipment

Shoes for trekking / Trekking poles / Sun-screen oil, hat, sunglasses / Windproof jacket / Water / Small rucksack.

Duration/Timetable & Pick up Services

2 days

DURATION: 1st day: 9:00 - 18:00 / 2nd day: 9:00 - 18:00

1st dayTrekking in the Minoan path of Youhtas mountain, visits in the surroundings of Knossos Palace as well as at Knossos' ancient ports that are located along the coast of Heraklion agglomeration.

2nd daySailing from the port of Heraklion to the isle of Diatrekking in the mythical gorge of Diaswimming in the deep blue waters of the main bay of Dia isle.

On Request

Upon request: (May - October) A trip can be organized on request with at least 4 days’ notice


All inclusive
Included Services

Presentation of Trip's theme

  • Specialist: Archaeologist
  • A manual in English for each traveler (with references, texts, photos, maps etc)
  • Other: Music


  • Extra Guide
  • Driver
  • Translator (upon request)


  • 1 Branch per day
  • 1 Meal per day
  • Beverage (Water)


  • Transfer to the starting point of the trips & return
  • Transportation to the sites of the trip (Car for the 1st day and Sailing Boat for the 2nd day)


  • Personal Insurance
  • Entrance fees to museums and organised archaeological sites
  • Rucksack (upon request)
Not Included Services
  • Breakfast
  • Technical equipment 
  • Personal expenses, tips, visa’s cost, taxes

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