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Karfi: the first and most wide “sky - city” of Crete

Archaeological tour, guided by an archaeologist

After the decline of the Minoan and Mycenaean civilization on Crete, the island has experienced dramatic upheavals, during the centuries of turning from the 2nd to the 1st millennium BC. The disorganization of the “palatial system” of culture, and the advent of new populations on the island, led to the refuge of many people in the mountains, organizing new defense settlements in the most inaccessible rocky areas.

These edge mountain villages are one of the most impressive residential cases in the history of Crete. They represent the dynamics of the Cretan landscape even in such inhospitable and remote places, while at the same time they show an unexpected lifeline offering high Cretan mountains.

The settlement of Karfi (means the “Nail” for the form of the distinguished limestone rock) of Lassithi mountains is the most typical case: this is the first settlement of that kind witch excavated systematically and to such an extent.

The highlanders of the Cretan “Nail” (Karfi) supervised in their daily lives a Crete almost unknown to other islanders...

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Karfi: the first and most wide “sky - city” of Crete


Hiking, Guided Trips/Tours
Minoan civilization, Archaeology, Nature
Lasithi mountains, Lasithi/East Crete
Greek, English

Prices & Rates (per person/per group)

Indicative Price (Total)
€100 per person

9-12 persons: €65
6-8 persons:   €85
3-5 persons:   €100
2 persons:      €140
1 person:       €250

Minimum No. of persons
Maximum No. of persons

Difficulty Level & Required Equipment

Difficulty Level
1 (Very Easy)
Difficulty Level Notes

Level of difficulty / Risk factor: 1A – M**
(*) Possible also for beginners in trekking

Personal Equipment

Shoes for trekking / Trekking poles / Sun-screen oil, hat, sunglasses / Windproof jacket / Small rucksack

Duration/Timetable & Pick up Services

1 days
  • Meeting / return location: Village Kera, in Lassithi (border with Heraklion Prefecture)
  • Trekking at the ancient path from Kera to Karfi settlement
  • Presentation of the ancient settlements in Mikri and Megali Koprana and other sites like Vitsilovrisi etc.


On Request

Upon request: (May - October) A trip can be organized on request with at least 4 days’ notice.


All inclusive
Included Services

Presentation of Trip's theme

  • Specialist: Archaeologist
  • A manual in English for each traveler (with references, texts, photos, maps etc)
  • Other: Music


  • Extra Guide (for more than 5 people)
  • Driver (upon request)
  • Translator (upon request)


  • Branch
  • Beverage (Water)


  • Transfer to the starting point of the trips & return (upon request)
  • Transportation to the sites of the trip (upon request)


  • Personal Insurance
  • Entrance fees to museums and organised archaeological sites
  • Rucksack, trekking poles (upon request)
Not Included Services
  •  Personal expenses, tips, visa’s cost, taxes

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