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Mediterranean - 8-day trip in geosites of western Crete

An environmental journey that combines hiking on nature and geo-trails of the Natural Park of Samaria, swimming at the most famous beaches of Crete and acquaintance with the cretan life and societies in the mainland of Chanea. All this, with the constant escort of an expert geologist, as well as expert mountain guide/s.


Nature, Geology: 8 day trip in the last active horogenetic arc of Europe guided by an expert geologist.

A trip that wavers between a fascinating trip in the unexplored Crete and a seminar on basic geologic issues that unfolds the geological history of Greece.

The Mediterranean Sea is the last part of the immense horogenetic arc of Alps-Himalaia, which, for millions of centuries, has created the longest mountain ridges of the earth. Greece, especially South Crete, is part of this arc, where the impressive blue beaches, the steep high peaks, the long and deep gorges and the bottomless vertical caves testify that, even nowadays, this whole horogenetic system is active.

The tour in this beautiful part of Crete gives us the opportunity – as at a huge open-air museum - to meet these processes and be enchanted by the beauty of a particularly representative Mediterranean landscape.

Areas to be visited:

  • Balos”: the lagoon formed among a cluster of islands and coasts in the northwestern peninsula of Chania.
  • Falasarna”: a beach that was voted, in the past, as the most beautiful in Europe.
  • Elafonisi”: the lagoon with a complex of ancient-shorelines, forming a series of wonderful bays and beaches, such as “Kedrodasos” (a forest of local cedars)
  • The cosmopolitan town of “Paleochora”, a jewel of southern Crete.
  • Kalergis”: the most fascinating among the mountainous refugees in Crete, that enjoys impressive views, being in the heart of the most important protected area of Crete: “Samaria”.
  • National park of the famous “Samaria Gorge”, with the dramatic geological phenomena and the protected biodiversity, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

For the detailed provisional programme please check the Tab named "Schedule".

Booking Options

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  • E-mail:
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Mediterranean - 8-day trip in geosites of western Crete


Hiking, Guided Trips/Tours
Hiking, Trekking,Environmental/Ecosystems, Geology
Geology, Cretan gorges and mountains, best beaches of Crete
North, west and south coast of Chania prefecture in Crete island., Chania
Greek, English,French

Prices & Rates (per person/per group)

Indicative Price (Total)
€1200 per person
Indicative Price (Daily)
€170 per person

Without branch & meal

9-12 persons: 900 euro
6-8 persons: 1200 euro
4-5 persons: 1655 euro

With branch & meal

9-12 persons:  1045 euro
6-8 persons:  1355 euro
4-5 persons: 1835 euro

Minimum No. of persons
Maximum No. of persons

Difficulty Level & Required Equipment

Difficulty Level
2 (Easy)
Difficulty Level Notes

This trip is addressed to all adults, given that they can trek for 3-4 hours per day in normal trails.
According to the following table, the level of difficulty/risk of this trip is 1 - 2Β – Χ*/** - Μ*/**

Personal Equipment
Those with * are  mandatory. The rest are provisional, however important.
  • Trekking shoes*
  • Sun tan cream*  , Hat* , Sun glasses
  • Swimming costume, towels
  • Head light
  • Small rack-sac for the personal items
  • Long trousers and shirts.

Duration/Timetable & Pick up Services

8 days

8 days (7 nights)
Pick up: 1st day form the port or the airport of Heraklion or Chanea // Last day, departure from Heraklion or Chanea (to be confirmed, according to the final flights)


The precise timetable, will be finalized after booking the flights. Also the programme may be modified, depending on the weather conditions or other serious reasons. The final decision for any such modification is always taken by the expert guide, who is the responsible for the trip and it depends on the safety of the participants.

1st day | Chanea > Falasarna > Balos

  • Transportation from the air(port) of Heraklion to the hotel at Falasarna
  • Settling in the rooms
  • Departure from Falasarna – arrival to Balos
  • Trekking to Balos and observation of the geological formations and rocks
  • Swimming at Balos and branch
  • Back to Falasarna and free time
  • Dinner at a traditional tavern at Falasarna 

1st night in FALASARNA
Distance covered by car: 230 km
Distance of trekking / walking: 2+2 km

2nd day | Falasarna > Elafonisi > Kedrodasos > Paleohora

  • Observation of palei-shorelines at Falasarna
  • Departure from Falasarna – arrival to Elafonisi (mid-stop in the monastery of Chrisoskalitissa)
  • Touring and swimming in the lagoon of Elafonisi. Touring and branch
  • Trekking along the coastal trail from Elafonisi to Kedrodasos and observations of the paleo-shorelines.
  • Departure from Kedrodasos and arrival to Paleohora by mini-vans. Settling in to the rooms at Paleochora
  • Dinner and free time

2nd night in PALEOCHORA
Distance covered by car: 85 km
Distance of trekking / walking: 3 km

3rd day | Paleohora

  • Touring around the area of Paleohora. Treks along short trails and small gorges. Observations of the geological phenomena and formations
  • Settlement Anidri. Swimming and branch
  • Return to Paleohora, dinner and free time

3st night in PALEOCHORA
Distance covered by car: 10 km
Distance of trekking / walking: 2+2 km

4th day | Paleohora – Kalergi refugee

  • Transportation to the area of Sougia. Trekking to the short trail “Royal walk” heading to the Polge of Omalos Sfakion, Xiloskalo (the entrance of the famous Samaria gorge where we will take the branch) and to the refugee of Kalergi
  • Settling in the rooms of the refugee. Sightseing from Kalergis to the are of high mountains of the most important protecter are of Crete.
  • Free time and dinner

4st night in the refuge of KALERGI
Distance covered by car: 60 km
Distance of trekking / walking: 2+2 km

5th day | Kalergi refugee > Samaria gorge > Agia Roumeli > Loutro

  • Early walking up and all day walking along the Samaria gorge
  • Arrival at Agia Roumeli, swimming at the beach and free time
  • Transportation by the local boat from Agia Roumeli to Loutro and observation of the southern shorelines of the high mountains
  • Arrival to Loutro, settling in the rooms, dinner and free time

5th night in LOUTRO
Distance covered by car: 8 km
Distance of trekking / walking: 18 km
Distance covered by boat: 8 nautical miles

6th day | Loutro > Marmara > Sfakia

  • Relaxed day with short walks around Loutro (to Marmara with the see-caves and the impressive gorge of Aradena)
  • Branch in Marmara and return to Loutro.
  • Dinner and free time

6th night in LOUTRO
Distance covered by car: 0 km
Distance of trekking / walking: 2+2 km

7th day | Loutro > Glika nera > Sfakia > Chanea > Heraklion

  • Trekking from Loutro to the beach Glika Nera . Swimming and branch
  • Transportation from Glika Nera to Sfakia by mini-vans and then to Askifou for lunch
  • By vans we move to the old city of Chanea. Free time
  • Return to Heraklion

7th night in HERAKLION
Distance covered by car: 0 km
Distance of trekking / walking: 240 km

8th day | Free day at Heraklion

On Request
Yes, No

2-9 June, 20-27 July, 7-14 September & UPON REQUEST from May to October with at least 3 weeks’ notice 


All inclusive
Included Services


  • Presentation of the theme during the whole trip by an expert geologist. 
  • The presentation includes short seminars, slide-presentations and on the spot sight-seeing and observation.
  • A manual for each traveler (with bibliographic references, maps etc).


  • Expert guide - geologist (see above)
  • Escort by one extra guide (For more than 4 people)
  • Translator (for languages other than Greek, English and French)


  • Transfer from/to the port or the airport of Chanea, or Heraklion as well as Transportation to all the places of the trip, by air-conditioned 9-seat minibus/es (for 10 participants, we also use a 4X4 car).


It is not included in the price mentioned below, except if this is required by the clients. In this case, it includes the following:

Branch and dinner following the typical cretan gastronomy (in local traditional taverns and restaurants). Branches are made by us and we use exclusively high quality products.

  • Branch: It includes homemade snacks adapted to the gastronomic micro-culture of the particular area visited. In addition, a bottle of water and homemade lemonade or local beverage.
  • Dinner:a traditional meal with salad and water. Meals can be vegetarian, if this is required by the clients (beverages and soft drinks are charged extra).
  • Breakfast is served every morning at the hotels/rent rooms.
  • Water for hiking (1.5 liter / person / day).

In case you decide to pay it separately, the cost is around 25-30 euros per person per day.


  • In traditional apartments with facilities respective to the 3*.


  • Trekking in trails all along the area of the trip
  • Entrance fees to museums and organized archaeological sites.
  • Personal Insurance, we cooperate with an international company for the personal security of its companions.
Not Included Services
  • Tours to organized archaeological sites.
  • Personal expenses, as well as beverages (soft drinks).
  • Transfer from/to Crete
  • Backpack, trekking poles
  • Translator fee other than Greek, English,French
  • The tips, the cost for obtaining a visa, the taxes
  • Whatever is not mentioned above 

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