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Dia island Sea kayak (3 days trip)

You need to be an experienced paddler to finish this sea kayak trip towards/at Dia island. The whole route is very exposed to winds and force 4/5, sea state 4 is very common. There are limited places to land and rough conditions are almost guaranteed!

You need to be able to paddle without getting exhausted 35km per day as on second day we will circumnavigate the island (32-35km) in a day. The open crossing is about 14km and usually on return it will be downwind (really great fun).

The island is visible from Crete's capital city of Heraklion, as it would have been in the time of the Minoan kingdom, from the capital of Knossos. Because of this, it was sometimes identified as the island that Theseus escaped to after killing the Minotaur.

On Dia there are a number of protected creatures including:

  • the snail Albinaria retusa,
  • the lizard Pdarcis erchardii schiebeli,
  • the wild rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus cnossius,
  • and the falcon called mavropetritis (in the Greek language). 

Dia is part of the European Network of Nature Natura 2000 and is a vetted hunting ground. There are also a number of protected plants such as Carlina diae.

About the trip

This is a self supporting trip. Everything including water must be carried for the whole days. In case that the weather goes really bad and we are on the island we will return by boat. We will not paddle if wind and sea state is close to force 5 unless it is downwind.

The places on this trip are very limited. Maximum of 3 people can join this circumnavigation. 

We will need 3 days to complete the journey but we will stay one more in case of bad weather.

This is a real adventure trip! Join us only if you fancy rough water!

We are always available to adapt/tailor this tour or design a similar one according to your needs! Do not hesitate to contact us for any request!

Booking Options

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  • E-mail:
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Dia island Sea kayak (3 days trip)


Water Element, Adventure, Guided Trips/Tours
Sea Kayak,Sea ​​Kayak,Activities/Sports, Adventure
North Crete, remote Cretan beaches, remote Islets, Adventure, Nature
North Crete, Heraklion, Heraklio
Greek, English

Prices & Rates (per person/per group)

Indicative Price (Total)
€550 per person
Indicative Price (Daily)
€180 per person

2-4 bookings: €550 per person

Minimum No. of persons
Maximum No. of persons

Difficulty Level & Required Equipment

Difficulty Level
5 (Very Hard)
Difficulty Level Notes

Advanced Difficulty Level

(*) You need to be at least 3* paddler with reliable Eskimo roll and been comfortable paddling in force 5, sea state 5
(*) This is a very hard multi day trip and recommended only to very experienced paddlers

Personal Equipment

You need to bring:

  1. Quick dry shirt (a long sleeve shirt - a lycra rash vest or "rashy" - is ideal)
  2. Quick dry or neoprene shorts
  3. Waterproof paddling jacket (i.e. A cag or cagoule)
  4. Swimming costume
  5. Sport sandals, water shoes or neoprene shoes
  6. Hat and sunglasses
  7. Sunscreen (even the winter months)
  8. Dry bags (many small 5,10,15 or 20lt max)

Additional paddling gear for late and early season expeditions; December to March/April:

  1. Neoprene or waterproof/warm trousers
  2. Dry suit if paddling during the February (optional)
  3. extra base layer
  4. pogies or gloves
  5. 4 seasons tent or 3 season waterproof
  6. sleeping bag for 5-8 oC comfort temperature

Dry clothes:

  1. Pair of trainers or walking shoes or sport sandals
  2. 2 T-shirts or similar
  3. 1 shorts
  4. 1 trousers
  5. 1 thermal top base layer
  6. 1 fleece or ideally a goose down jacket
  7. warm hat
  8. Underwear and sox


  1. Toiletries
  2. Pak-towel or similar
  3. Wet-tissues
  4. Insect repellant
  5. Toilet paper
  6. Phone
  7. Waterproof camera or camera in a waterproof dry bag


  1. Stove (we can provide it for a small fee)
  2. Canisters (4 are enough usually for 8 days)
  3. Fork, spoon
  4. Knife
  5. Cook set (frying pan, stockpot/kettle, saucepan with lid, detachable handle etc)

Duration/Timetable & Pick up Services

3 days

3 days, 2 nights (1 extra day in case of rough weather conditions)

On Request

Every month from April to November
It is also possible during the winter months Upon Request (contact us for details)

Pick up between 7-9 am from Heraklion.
You are welcome to meet us in the starting point.


All inclusive
Included Services
  • Guides
  • Ground transportation
  • All kayaking equipment & instruction. Be aware that we use high end paddling equipment. Kayaks from top companies like Valley, Northshore, P&H etc and carbon/glass paddles from Lendal (now called Celtic) and Werner. No crap equipment here.
  • Overnight In tents
Not Included Services
  • Air or ferry to Heraklion on the island of Crete
  • Lunches, drinks and any kind of food
  • Personal clothing and accessories
  • Baggage and trip cancellation insurance, airport taxes and gratuities.
  • Camping equipment, food and food preparation i.e. this trip is self catering. You can buy canisters for the stove from Crete.

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