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Kolokitha circumnavigation Seak Kayak trip (1 day)

This is a superb daily seak kayak trip in Eastern Crete.

The first part of the route is quiet exposed to winds so good paddling skills are essential. Usually we are doing this trip even with sea state 4 but due to have some katabatic winds in the west part of the trip the wind might go up to force 5 or even more for a while. You will need to know how to perform a deep water re-entry and been able to assist other members of the group in case of a capsize. This is a must trip for 3* paddlers.

The whole trip is about 24km (about 5 hours of paddling without stops).

There is one landing option for the first 8km and then another one after another 7km. Depending the weather we might need to paddle without a stop the first 15km and without been able to land. You need to be in a very good shape to complete this trip. When the weather is not windy everything become much easier and everyone is welcome as long as you paddled before similar distance.

If the weather is good we are going to make at least 4-5 stops in some great places with lovely scenery especially on the eastern part of the penisula.

We are always available to adapt/tailor this tour or design a similar one according to your needs! Do not hesitate to contact us for any request!

Booking Options

  • phone: , +30 6955857178
  • E-mail:
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Kolokitha circumnavigation Seak Kayak trip (1 day)


Water Element
Sea ​​Kayak
Cretan beaches, Nature & Sea, Adventure
Elounda, Lasithi/East Crete
Greek, English

Prices & Rates (per person/per group)

Indicative Price (Total)
€80 per person

€120 per person
3-4 bookings: €80 per person
4+ bookings: €70 per person

Minimum No. of persons
Maximum No. of persons

Difficulty Level & Required Equipment

Difficulty Level
4 (Hard)
Difficulty Level Notes

Advanced Difficulty Level (in the usual weather conditions)

(*) A sea kayaking trip suitable for paddlers with experience paddling in force 4 sea state 4. BCU 3* paddlers are welcome to join.
(*) 24 km total distance

Duration/Timetable & Pick up Services

1 days

Daily 9:00 am to 5:00/6:00 pm (All day activity)

On Request

Upon Request (Summer season) - prior communication required

Pick up between 7-8 am from Heraklio or anywhere else near the trip. Of course you can meet us in Elounda if you are staying there


All inclusive
Included Services
  • We supply all of your kayak and snorkeling gear.
  • We supply dry bags for your personal items (wallet, camera, clothes, towel, and phone), which stay dry in your dry bag stored in your kayak bulkhead compartments while you are kayaking.
  • In early summer and late fall, we supply waterproof jackets and rain pants if needed. You may stay completely dry while kayaking. 
Not Included Services
  • Drinking water (at least 1 lt)
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)
  • Food expenses

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