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Dunes of white sand and the ancient cedars cover the whole vicinity of Kedrodasos area. The main beach of Kedrodasos is sandy and boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters. Nudism is permitted in Kedrodasos

South of Elafonisi is another area of wild and remarkable beauty – Kedrodasos or the Forest of Cedars. Access can be made by car (up to a certain point) by a dirt-road through the plastic green-houses, or on foot following the E4 walking-route from the beach of Elafonisi itself.

Dunes of white sand and the ancient cedars cover the whole vicinity. The main beach is sandy and boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters; along the coastal path from Elafonisi to Kedrodasos are small deserted coves. 

Unlike Elafonisi, Kedrodasos is absolutely untouched: no food or water is to be had there, so make sure you take what you need with you on a visit! Kedrodasos too is part of the NATURA 2000 programme: the age-old cedars are protected by a special environmental plan as their growth-rate is extremely laborious and slow (about one centimeter per year).

Because of its shady nature and isolation, the spot is a favourite haunt for unsupervised camping and nudists.But be warned: here too camping is illegal!

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Additional Info

  • location Elafonisi, Kisamos, Chania
  • free camping No
  • nudism Yes
  • beach type Sandy
  • accommodation No
  • dinning No
  • other facilities


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Access Info

relevant routes & paths:

Kasteli - Elos - Elafonisos - Falasarna, Ε4.05 Chrisoskalitissa - Agios Ioannis

By car (up to a point): take the dirt road that branches off some 2 km before Elafonisi – it passes through the local plastic green-houses. Take care not get lost in the various side branches! On foot, follow the European E4 Hiking Trail from the beach of Elafonisi.

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