Activities in Crete

Crete is a paradise for lovers of nature, those seeking out adventures and indeed of all those who want to add some lustre to their holiday experiences.

Activities in Crete. Hiking, Mountaineering, Cycling in Crete

The rich and varied terrain of the island – the mountain massifs, the countless canyons, the caves, the sometimes wild, sometimes tender Cretan countryside, the measureless miles of coastline, the unusual and rare eco-systems and different microclimates that make up the island… all provide ideal opportunities for holiday activities such as extreme sports, nature activities and other unique experiences.

An alternative approach to tourism in Crete has begun to emerge in the last years – there have grown up a number of companies dedicated to arranging activities on land and sea, for the Tyro and the Old-hand, for young and old.

Horse-riding, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, diving, canyoning, all sorts of culinary excursions to make the acquaintance of the Cretan cuisine: experiences for all age-groups and choices to give your stay here that extra dimension.


Hiking, Mountaineering, Cycling in Crete

The land here holds out unique experiences to those who love to walk, to climb, to bike, who relish the challenge of standing on a mountain-peak, of being filled to the brim with fresh air and adrenaline. Try the European Walking Trail (E4) and other less well-known tracks that criss-cross the more pristine areas. Have a go at ascending the mountains that stretch from one end of Crete to the other. Discover the inland by-ways on horseback. Win through the countless Cretan gorges, from mountain-side to the sea-strand.

Activities in the Cretan hinterland


The possibilities do not end here: just find one that suits your tastes and abilities!


Diving, Sailing, Surfing in Crete

With its two broad seas, its endless and indented of coastline: the sea and Crete are an ideal combination for underwater discoveries and sundry water sports for beginners or more experienced fans alike. Those who make Crete their destination with such in mind can look forward to enjoying kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, sailing on the pristine waters – all under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Activities in the seas of Crete


Canyoning, Climbing, bungee jumping in Crete

Adrenaline-junkies and those hooked on intense experiences are not left in the cold in Crete. The options for such are ever increasing: from safari in 4x4 vehicles, on the roughest areas of the island, to bungee jumping from the second highest bridge in Europe above the Aradaina gorge.. and many other personalized experiences arranged by experienced professionals in the island.

Adventure activities in Crete


Meet the Culture and Tradition of Crete. Seminars & cooking classes, traditional products

To fully appreciate Crete, one must immerse oneself in its history, its culture and its famous cuisine. Choose among the activities offered: such as themed culinary tours, wine tasting trips, cooking classes, guided tours to the cities and their major attractions etc.

Culture & Tradition

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