Explore Crete by Car or Bike

In this section, routes designed to be made by car, motorcycle or, for the adventurous, even by bicycle, are presented; they can serve as basic guidelines for visitors who wish to get to know Crete.

It should be noted, however, that in some cases it is not possible to complete a route within one day, due to the complex geomorphology of the island. This is even more the case if one wishes to see all points of interest presented in each route.

Locations where facilities and amenities are available are presented in detail along every route (they can also serve as a starting points for one's expeditions), together with settlements, monuments and places of particular natural beauty. In the Services menu, of each route, there is also the possibility to choose where to stay and eat, to plan any other activities and to read about the services available in the areas that each route passes through.

Choose below the region you wish to explore.

Western Crete

Western Crete (5)

Check routes by car or bike in Western Crete (Chania & Rethymno Western Part).

Central Crete

Central Crete (5)

Check routes by car or bike in Central Crete (Heraklion and Rethymno).

Eastern Crete

Eastern Crete (4)

Check routes by car or bike in Eastern Crete (Lassithi & East of Heraklion).

Thematic Routes

Thematic Routes (2)

Check the Routes of Wine in the hinterland of Heraklion.

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