Routes of Wine in Crete

The “wine roads” of the Heraklion Prefecture lead visitors to age-old vineyards, historical villages, old monasteries, antiquities, contemporary cultural sites, as well as wine factories that are open to the public.

Wine has been made in Crete for some 4.000 years now, since the time of the Minoans, who cultivated grapevines and then carried their famous wines in amphorae all over the Mediterranean. Therefore, it would be only fair to say that the Minoan wine routes can still be traced here.

From Vathipetro, where a grape treading trough which is considered the oldest in the world was found, until Gortyna, where the Code of Gortyn, an ancient text of law which contains the rules that govern viniculture was unearthed, we have the chance to get acquainted with a region, the history of which has always been linked to winemaking.

During your visits to the modern winemaking factories located inland the Heraklion Prefecture (which can be traced on the map, and in the left-hand menu), you will also have the opportunity to discover the history and the culture of the region, both old and contemporary.

The routes recommended include all the basic points of interest, for visitors who wish to explore the winemaking area of Heraklion. Of course you can make your own plans, according to your interests, and schedule a route of your own choice which will include the winemaking facilities that you wish to visit. 


Beginning at the exit of the city of Heraklion (1), we take the Knossos Avenue (Leofóros Knossoú) and reach the  archaeological site of Knossos. Not far from the Palace, other important Minoan monuments are to be found, such as the Royal Villa, the Little Palace, the Caravanserai, the House of the High Priest, the Temple Tomb and the Roman Villa of Dionysus

  • Region Heraklion, Archanes-Asterousia, Minoa
  • Route Length 38 km
  • points of interest Wineries on route, Knosos Minoan Palace, Gorge of Kounavoi, Labyrinth Musical Workshop, Minoan villa of Vathypetro

Houdetsi (1) is well hidden on the slope of a beautiful valley. South of the village a hilly landscape with vast vineyards opens up towards the south of the inland area of the Prefecture of Heraklion. 

  • Region Heraklion, Archanes-Asterousia, Gortina
  • Route Length 68 km
  • points of interest Wineries on Route, Agios Antonios Gorge, Epanosifis Monastery, Gorgolaini Monastery, Paliani Monastery

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