Arvi gorge

The gorge of Arvi is one of the most spectacular gorges of Crete and it is ideal for canyoning

The gorge of Arvi, which is one of the most spectacular gorges of Crete, has a north to south orientation. It begins in the Amiras area and ends up at the Libyan Sea shore. The outlet of the gorge is next to the Monastery of Agios Antonios, a little to the north of the current coastal settlement of Arvi. The gorge can be visited all year round, except in the winter time, due to rainfall.

The route follows the watercourse; however, passing through requires caution. The morphology is spectacular; the incline in the gorge varies, and thus small waterfalls are formed at places. The width ranges between 2 and 3 metres deep in the gorge, and its vertical slopes have a negative incline at certain places; in some spots, they rise as high as 400 metres

The route difficulty also varies, because the gorge is flat and easy at certain locations, but also rough and inaccessible at others: for example, the outlet of the gorge can be accessed only through the watercourse, which is why climbing skills and special equipment are essential.

The gorge is 2,5 kilometres long in total.

The gorge area has a notable wealth of flora and fauna, which has come about as a result of the great variety in geomorphology and the local climatological conditions. 

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Additional Info

  • region Arvi, Viannos, Heraklio
  • activities Climbing, Canyoning
  • suggested period

    Spring to Autumn

  • path description


  • path length

    2,5 km

  • difficulty level

    Very difficult route. Special equipment and technical training is required; altitude difference of 340 meters

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