Imbros gorge

The gorge of Imbros, in the area of Sfakia, is one of the deepest and narrowest gorges of Crete. It begins a little to the south of Imbros village, on Askifou plateau

The gorge of Imbros, in the area of Sfakia, is one of the deepest and narrowest gorges of Crete. It begins a little to the south of Imbros village, on Askifou plateau, and ends up after approximately 5 kilometres, at the village of Komitades, near the beach of Frangokastello.

Its walls rise vertically 300 metres high and its width does not exceed 2 metres at places. The walk down the gorge is fairly easy; it can be done almost throughout the year and requires approximately 3 hours, as far as the village of Komitades.  

At the beginning of the walk the scenery is bare. However, as the walls of the gorge grow taller, it becomes more and more impressive. Oaks and oleanders grow in the cracks on the walls, while the stream bed is thick with tall pines, oaks and plane trees.

Towards the middle of the route the scenery changes again. The walls close in on each other (they are only 2-3 metres apart), giving the impression of a natural tunnel. From this point downwards, for a certain distance, the landscape is exceptionally imposing. Towards the outlet it becomes tamer, and the gorge ends up at a stream next to Komitades village. 

Once there, one can easily find transport to return to the entrance to the gorge or continue to the neighbouring village of Frangokastello and to Chóra Sfakion

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