Ierapetra - The Bride of the Libyan Sea

The southernmost city of Crete, Ierapetra has a long history. Today it combines the infrastructure of a tourist resort with easy access to pristine beaches and important ecosystems in the surrounding area.

Ιεράπετρα - η Νύμφη του Λιβυκού

History of Ierapetra town

Ierapetra is built on the site of the ancient city of Ierapytna which flourished during the Archaic and Roman times. Its older names include Kyrva, Kamiros and Pytna. According to legend Kyrvas was one of the Telchines, mythical inhabitants of Rhodes who came to the island of Crete.

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 Ierapetra Today

Ιεράπετρα - η Νύμφη του Λιβυκού

Today Ierapetra is the fourth largest city of Crete and the southernmost in the island – and in Greece in general. It is a city with a high per capita income (one of the largest in the entire country): it is the main commercial centre of the province for agricultural exports to Europe. Economic prosperity is due both to tourism and to the production of early vegetables grown in the many greenhouses in the area.

As a resort, it is very popular for both its own renowned, award-winning beaches, and for the opportunity it offers as a base for exploring the surrounding areas, which include rare ecosystems (Chrysi island, the Selakhano forest), and villages (Myrtos, Gdohia, Metaxochori, Malles, Kalamafka etc.)

Without exaggeration, Ierapetra is a city full of life throughout the year. Its icon is without a doubt the Kale fortress and the focus of life is on the promenade with its cafes, taverns and restaurants. In the summer in particular there gather here the locals and visitors alike.

The most picturesque part of town is the Kato Mera, with small older houses, narrow streets and traditional colours.

Ierapetra boasts all the necessary tourist facilities and is connected daily with ferry services to the island of Chrysi. Additionally there are the three sandy beaches within easy access.

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