Aretiou Monastery

Aretiou Monastery at Karidi, Sitia

The Monastery was founded between 1580 and 1596 and it is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The external courtyard features the wine press, the warehouses and the stable, while the monks' cells, the catholicon and the reservoirs are situated in the internal courtyard.

The catholicon is a single-spaced arch-covered church with an ogival arch and a dressed stone belfry which – according to the inscription – dates back to 1618. Apart from the catholicon, there is another, smaller church dedicated to Saint Lazarus, which was built during the era of Venetian rule.

During the 17th century, a school of hagiography was in operation here.

The Ottomans sacked and torched the Monastery after the revolution of 1821, destroying relics and books from the Venetian era. In 1844, the Monastery was renovated and began operating once more.

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  • location Karidi, Mirampelo, Lasithi
  • type Monastery
  • time period Venetian Period
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