25 August Street

The road which connects the port with Saint Mark’s square, on which the palatial mansion of the Venetian Duke was built, was already the most important street of the city already in the Venetian period.

On August 25 1897, Turkish fanatics massacred approximately 500 Christians and 17 British soldiers, and also caused extensive damage to the buildings and monuments along the road. This was a reaction to the surrender of the Customs office to the Christians, as had been decided by the Great Powers. The street was named after this sad anniversary. 

In the early 20th century, after Crete had been liberated from the Turks, 25 August Streetbecame the most popular and prominent roadof Heraklion. New buildings were constructed in order to house various authorities, showing a majestic, impressive aspect of the city to visitors who would reach the street from the seaward side.

This view, however, did not correspond to the reality hidden behind the imposing buildings, which is why it was named by the residents of Heraklion “Street of Illusion”.

25 August Street, which connects the much-frequented Lions’ square with the Venetian port, still maintains the grandeur of the past, flaunting fine neoclassical buildings (most of them, renovated) on both sides. 

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Additional Info

  • location August 25th St., Heraklio, Heraklio
  • type Architecture
  • time period Venetians, Turkish Occupation, Cretan State, Modern Era
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