The Morosini fountain

The Morosini fountain, also known to the citizens of Heraklion as Liontaria (= lions) is one of the most remarkable monuments of the city.

It is an impressive sculptural composition, the erection of which was ordered in 1628 by Francesco Morosini, governor of Crete, thus the fountain was named after him. 

Morosini actually created a whole aqueduct system that channelled the spring water of the Archanes area to the city of Heraklion, of which the Morosini fountain was the last part.

A large carved marble basin collects the water which springs from a spout on top of the Morosini fountain. This basin is supported by four marble lions, and it also used to have a marble statue of the god Poseidon holding a trident, which was unfortunately destroyed in the years of Turkish occupation. The sculpted reliefs on the basin represent themes from the Greek Mythology

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Additional Info

  • location Lontaria Square, Heraklio, Heraklio
  • type Architecture
  • time period Venetians
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