Archaeological Museum of Chania

Archaeological Museum of Chania

The Archaeological Museum of Chania is located in the centre of the Old Town, on Halidon Street, and hosts the archaeological collection of Chania. The archaeological collection has been temporarily housed, since 1963, in the Venetian church of Saint Francis, which used to be part of a former monastery of the Franciscan Order and is considered nowadays an important monument of the city.

When exactly it was built is not known, however it is recorded that it already existed when the big earthquake of 1595 occurred, and that it was the largest church in town. It was later converted into a mosque dedicated to Yusuf Pasha, the Ottoman conqueror of Chania. In the beginning of the 20th century it was transformed into the “Idaion Andron” cinema. After World War II it was used as a military equipment warehouse, whereas from 1963 until today it maintains its current use as the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

The collection is divided into two parts. Finds from the Neolithic era until the Late Minoan period are to be found in the eastern part of the building, and finds from the Geometrical period until the Roman era are hosted in the western part.

Articles of pottery,carved stone artefacts, seals, sculptures, metallic items, gold jewellery and coins are presented in chronological order in the showcases of the museum. Roman mosaic floors (2nd-3rd century AD) are also exhibited, depicting scenes from the Dionysian cycle and episodes from the Poseidon and the nymph Amymone myth.

A significant collection was donated to the Archaeological Museum of Chania in 2000, by Konstandinos, Marika and Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The exhibits constitute 1/3 of the museum collection and they are presented in chronological order (end of 4th millennium BC – 3rd century AD).

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Additional Info

  • location 25 Halidon Street, 73131, Chania, Chania
  • museum type Archaeological
  • exhibits Neolithic - Roman period
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Visiting hours/info

Daily (except Monday): 09:00-16:00

Tel.: +30 28210 90334
Fax: +30 28210 94487

Price Ticket(€): 2 (General Entrance)

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