Cretaquarium, as a fruit of scientific research, is coming to give us knowledge and the experience of mediterranean marine world. A part of marine park research, culture, education and recreation of the Cretaquarium, is based on the knowledge, the expertise and the innovation which is produced by the Greeks marine scientists in the last 20 years.

So, what we tried to tell, to represent and showcase from our sea through the Cretaquarium, which is the first large aquarium of Greece. First of all, we have to respect the accuracy of the knowledge and the reality for the heaven of the 4000 organisms from the marine world that surrounds us and that, few know him. After, we have to recall that the life of the Mediterranean Sea is mixed with the life of the land.

This relationship is defined the past and it will determine the future of both worlds. Finally, perhaps the most important, we have to accommodate the questions of the new generation and try together to transform them in a new experiential knowledge which will promise, hopefully, a harmonious coexistence of the man and the sea. Cretaquarium establish its function and its evolution on the scientific knowledge and the discoveries in marine science, and wants to be simultaneously :


Source: Official site of Cretaquarium

  • A means of spreading and popularizing of the knowledge and the innovation which is produced by HCMR but also of the global marine research.
    • This is one aquarium where is continuing the research for the behavior and the living of marine species that can be adjusted in controlled conditions. It is a model research infrastructure which will ensure excellent access conditions for researchers and young scientists.
    • This is one aquarium that representing the Mediterranean marine life with modern ways and means, will provide a unique spectacle that will always fascinate children and adults and it will inform, educate and sensitize the public about the diversity of Mediterranean species and the habitats. One aquarium which will acquire identity, will differentiate from other aquariums and will make itself unique to the destination choices of Crete.
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  • History, Culture
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Additional Info

  • location Gournes (old American Base), Hersonissos, Heraklio
  • museum type Nature
  • exhibits
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Visiting hours/info

Summer Season (May-September): Daily 09:30-21:00
Winter Season (October-April): Daily 09:30-17:00

Tel.: +30 2810 337788, +30 2810 337707
Fax: +30 2810 337882
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Price Ticket(€ ): 6
Entrance Free: Disabled, Members, Children from 0-5

1000+1 Secrets of an aquarium: 5€ for adults, free for children
Personal audio tour(€): 3
Membership card(€): 16€ (in the case of a family 6 € for each subsequent member)

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