Museums of Crete

History and ancient civilization lovers will find their paradise in Crete, as they will have the opportunity to visit great archaeological sites, historical monuments scattered throughout the island, and remarkable museums that cover the whole range of its longstanding history, as they host rare finds from the prehistoric Minoan times until the recent years.


The Museum of the Arkadi Monastery accommodates a significant collection of Post-Byzantine icons, prelatic vestments, weapons, handwritten codices, and even certain personal belongings of Abbot Gabriel.

  • region Arkadi, 74100, Rethymno, Rethymno
  • type Museum
  • museum type Ecclesiastical

The Venetian basilica of Saint Mark houses the Municipal Gallery of Heraklion, where permanent collections and temporary art exhibitions can be seen. 

  • region Basilica of Saint Mark, Lions Square, 71202, Heraklio, Heraklio
  • type Museum, Gallery, Exhibition
  • museum type Pictorial

The Agia Triada Monastery (= Holy Trinity), also known as theTzagarolon Monastery, is one of the most impressive monastic centres of Crete. It is exceptional on account of its façade with the Doric style columns, and the Renaissance architectural components. 

  • region Tzagarolon Monastery, 73100, Akrotiri, Chania, Chania
  • type Museum
  • museum type Ecclesiastical

The museum of the Battle of Crete is a small but important museum of the city of Heraklion. It was created to accommodate an interesting collection of exhibits related to the Battle of Crete, a monumental act of resistance of the Cretans against the invasion of the German army of Hitler, in May 1941

  • region Dukes Beaufort & Mirabello, Heraklio, Heraklio
  • type Museum
  • museum type Historical

The museum has been open to the public since 1996, on the second floor of the regional office of the General Chemical State Laboratory. It is a representation of the first public chemical laboratory of Greece, which was founded in 1900 on the initiative of Ioannis Vamvakas. 

  • region 34 E. Venizelos Street, 73100, Chania, Chania
  • type Museum
  • museum type Sciences

The Museum was founded in 1985 and is housed in a building which used to be the headquarters of Eleftherios Venizelos during the political movement of the Cretans that took place in 1908, targeting the Union of Crete with Greece.

  • region Therissos, Chania, Chania
  • type Museum
  • museum type Folk, Historical

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