Museums of Crete

History and ancient civilization lovers will find their paradise in Crete, as they will have the opportunity to visit great archaeological sites, historical monuments scattered throughout the island, and remarkable museums that cover the whole range of its longstanding history, as they host rare finds from the prehistoric Minoan times until the recent years.


This is a small museum located at the archaeological site of Gortyn, which was the most important city of the Roman years in Crete. 

  • region Gortyn, 70012, Gortina, Heraklio
  • type Collection
  • museum type Archaeological

A museum dedicated to the national leader Eleftherios Venizelos is to be found at the village of Agios Georgios, on the Lassithi Plateau. The museum is housed in a renovated stone building, and the collection includes personal objects of the famous Cretan politician...

  • region Agios Georgios, Lasithi Plateau, Lasithi
  • type Museum
  • museum type Folk, Biography

In Lychnostatis one has the opportunity to wander in the rooms indoors, where various objects and whole living spaces of rural everyday life in the villages are displayed, or in the outdoor spaces, where a cafeneion and a herb garden of culinary and medicinal local herbs are to be found. 

  • region Port Hersonissos, 71306, Hersonissos, Heraklio
  • type Museum
  • museum type Folk

At the top of the Psiloriti mountain and at an altitude of 1,750 meters is located the Observatory Skinakas. At the peak of plateau, and at the area which is giving from the Municipality of Anogion, two telescopes are operating in separate buildings.

  • region Skinakas peak (Psiloritis), Anogia, Rethymno
  • type Observatory
  • museum type Sciences

This museum is housed in a recently renovated olive press in Piskopiano village, and it features representations of various old-time professional skills (the blacksmith, the barrel maker and the carpenter). 

  • region Piskopiano, 70014, Hersonissos, Heraklio
  • type Museum
  • museum type Folk

The museum is located in the village of Episkopi, 18 km south-east of Heraklion. Military material used in World War II, such as radios, grenades, parachutes, photographs, maps, documents, a cannon, etc, can be seen in the 25 displays and in the outdoor space of the museum. 

  • region Episkopi Pediadas, 70008, Hersonissos, Heraklio
  • type Museum
  • museum type Historical, War

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