Custom Trips & Itineraries

A perfect trip...

designed just for you by our best Crete experts. 100% Tailor made to your profile & desired vacation style!
Our tailor made packages offers you the chance to meet authentic Crete and travel around and through the island off the beaten paths... Join us in a unique experience that starts here!

Tailor Made Trips & Itineraries

100% Tailor made to your profile & desired vacation type

Destination Crete Tailor Made Trips & Itineraries have been designed to offer you an unsurpassed experience in the island of Crete, by providing an ultimately unique tailor made Vacation Package which consists of a complete day to day schedule that will satisfy your special needs and absolutely match your preferences.

The process of designing your package commences by selecting the appropriate Accommodation Type for you. Our cooperating network for accommodation purposes is developed around the whole island and our goal is to find the most suitable choice for you, regarding your vacation style and your available budget.

Activities come first with Destination Crete!! Book your own ultimate experience and explore the island of Crete off the beaten paths with our team experts who organize all sorts of different activities, such as: hiking, biking, mountain biking, sea kayak, bird watching, city walks, boat trips, wine tasting, diverse day trips, thematic tours and more, and include it in your tailor made holiday package.

Destination Crete specializes also in Meet and Eat around Crete. We offer you a wide selection of dining opportunities that could be included in your day to day schedule and allow you to try the unique aroma, taste and the pure ingredients of traditional Cretan cuisine and more!

Again, if you are interested in a more Private Experience, please let us know and we will design just for you an unsurpassed experience to drive you through and accomplish your dream trip. We can provide you with personal driver and car hire, specialized guide in the field you are interested more, and we are willing to privately organize, anything you have imagined of!!


  • 100% Tailor made
  • Select the right place(s) in Crete to stay
  • Tailored day to day detailed program:
  • Day trips
  • What to See & Do
  • Where to Stay
  • Where to Eat
  • Where to Have Fun
  • Authentic and Original spots to discover (hidden treasures, authentic crete)
  • Maps (google earth)
  • All info above in a booklet
  • Authentic & Quality Services included (*):
  • Accommodation according to your budget & preferences
  • Activities like: Trips, Tours, Seminars included (**)
  • Additional Services (***)
In Destination Crete we love our home island and our desire is that the visitors will be able to see its authentic character and its hidden beauties! Thus we recommend landscapes, attractions, activities and services that we have already visited and adore!!

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