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In destination Crete we love our home island and our desire is that the visitors will be able to see its authentic character and its hidden beauties!

Thus we recommend landscapes, attractions, activities and services that we have already visited and adore!!

Fill in our trip planner request form below, and allow us to design for you a unique vacation or tour schedule, depending on your personal preferences!




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Not any payments are charged until one of our consultants has spoken to you about your travel plans and we have setup and verify your trip. Our trip planner gives you the freedom to describe your dream trip while giving us all the info we need to make that dream a reality. You're dealing with people with extensive experience on creating Cretan adventures - so sit down with an espresso or with a glass of wine, imagine yourself in Crete and let us know what you see.


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Within a few days you'll see your ideas made real as you review the first draft of your Crete itinerary. Not perfect? We collaborate with you on every detail and redraft the original proposal until you are satisfied that it contains everything you want.


Enjoy Your Trip

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We deliver a final package that includes confirmations for each of your accommodations and services in a bound booklet. Your final itinerary also has additional travel tips like our favorite local restaurants and the shouldn't-miss sights that people often overlook. The trip you dreamed is the trip you're on so sit back, relax and enjoy it.

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