Wines of Crete

In the Minoan period Crete had already emerged as on of the most important wine-growing regions, with quality products from famous grape-stocks.  

The use of wine, in moderation, was promoted by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, for both the healthy and the sick. Asclepius’ words are in agreement: ‘the usefulness of wine is second only to the power of the Gods – if it but be used in moderation’. 

Cretan Cuisine and diet. The Wines of Crete

Apart from nutritional values, wine has an antibiotic value. The anti-microbial and anti-bacterial property of wine is due to its alcoholic content, along with acids and in particular the tannins present. Further the substance resveratrol in red wine lowers ‘badcholesterol, and so increases the proportion of HDL (‘good’ cholesterol) in us. Thus, red wine helps protect the body against cardiovascular disease.

Cretan Cuisine and diet. The Wines of Crete

Wine, from the polyphenols present and the anti-oxidant vitamins (C and E) protects the body against the harmful ‘free-radicals’, which are also implicated in the growth of cancers.

Wine from Lousakies 
Paleina Seferia

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More recent research shows that certain polyphenols in wine inhibit the action of enzymes that act as a catalyst in creating a cancer. Wine also looks to slow the onset of senile dementia and the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Today the acceptance of the Cretan diet as an ideal and healthy one leads to the recognition of the positive impact of Cretan wine on one’s health – as ever .. taken in moderation!

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Malvazia, the cretan wine

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Cretan vineyard

Cretan Cuisine and diet. Cretan vineyardThe vine-growing part of Crete, in a sense the oldest in Europe, stretches from an altitude of 600 m unbroken down to the sea. They run on unhindered through many different landscapes – following every hill and fold, up and down – a delight to the beholder’s eye.Read more about the Cretan Vineyards

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