The Island with a Thousand Faces

Crete has a "thousand faces" - and this is no verbal hyperbole!

If any one thing can characterize this island - it is its rich terrain, its wonderful climatic conditions and the ever-changing landscape they together create.

Natural Environment of Crete. The Island with a Thousand Faces

Each and every excursion will pass through now austere and naked, and now lushly-wooded mountain ranges, through small valleys and rolling hills with their olives and vineyards. Steep and gentle slopes are carpeted with aromatic herbs. The beaches have each their own natural beauty and shape.

You will never get bored in Crete: always there is some new landscape or geological feature, some unique eco-system, or region of outstanding natural beauty and diverse habitat.

Rich Geomorphology & Rare Eco-systems

Natural Environment of Crete. Deep Gorges and Rare ecosystems

With its areas protected by NATURA 2000, its scores of gorges and geological faultings, its hundreds of caves, and myriads of archaeological sites, Crete is heaven for those interested in its diverse and beautiful habitats – forests of cedars, of palms, of oaks. The same is true for those keen on a more strenuous exploration of nature and its biodiversity, the mountains, sea... and so on!

A large number of plant species have produced such a wealth of natural products, which with the mild climate, fully justifies the old boast in ancient times that Crete was the Land of the Blest.

Rare Plants and Herbs

Natural Environment of Crete. Aromatic and medicinal herbs The Flora of the island encompasses 2,100 species of wild plants, of which 300 are endemic. This aspect of nature here is full of aromatic and medicinal herbs and gorgeous flowers.

Learn more at the Plants of Crete

Rare Animals

Flora and Fauna of Crete. Protected Areas, Natura 2000, Protected species As for the Fauna, there exist a great number of unusual creatures. Crete hosts the world 's largest colony of Eleonora 's Falcon and is important breeding area for rare raptors such as the Golden Eagle, the Lammergeier and others.

Marine Eco-systems and Beaches

Marine ecosystems and beaches of Crete Crete is not just about the mountains – but also about the surrounding seas which are the richest and most pristine marine biohabitats left in the Aegean: even corals and extensive sea-meadows with protected species of seaweed such as "Posidoneia" are to be found. The diverse coastline, at times rocky and wild, at times gentle and sandy, is lapped by crystal clear water of shifting shades of green and blue.

Discover the Beaches of Crete

This, a natural environment "unique in Greece and Europe" (as the experts claim), is certainly one of great natural beauty and aesthetic richness – and so deserving of the epithet ‘unique’.

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