Wineries in Crete

In the wineries of Crete, the tradition of production is still handed down from generation to generation. The traditional Cretan varieties of grapes and wines survived: now they are enjoying a revival, while being enriched with other domestic and international varieties. Modern technology and tradition have been successfully married; contemporary wineries have pulled together to achieve a position of worth for the Cretan wines on both the domestic and international scenes.

Cretan wine-making establishments – with their long winemaking traditions – are open to the public. You can tour the vineyards and cellars, whilst in the more modern set-ups you can taste Cretan wines accompanied with appetizers from the famous Cretan cuisine.

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Ktima Zaharioudaki
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On the hillnamed Orthi Petra at a height of 500 mand but a kilometre north of ancient Gortyn is the Zaharioudaki vineyard, in the village of Plouti. It covers 50 acres and boasts of modern facilities designed in a unique way. 

  • area Plouti village, 70012
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 28820 24660
Silva Daskalakis Winery
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The winery is located in the small village of Siva 17 km on the National Road from Heraklion to Moires. Their family tradition began in 1890 with a small winery in the family home. 

  • area Siva, 70010
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 2810 792021
Pneumatikaki Winery
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Set in the Kissamos region with its long tradition in wine making, this is a family business with lengthy experience. They have invested in modern facilities that are open to visitors, as are the cellars and the vineyards. 

  • area Drapanias, 73400
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 2822031740
Strataridakis Winery
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This is another family business with a long experience and history in wine making. The vineyards belong ultimately mainly to the Sinai Monastery of the Holy Apostles. Located in the foothills of Asterousia Mountains, it is the southernmost winery of Europe. 

  • area Agioi Apostoloi - Kastelliana, 70010
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 28910 71275
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